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Town bus and metred auto-rickshaw to be introduced in Agartala town after Durga Puja

In order to ease traffic snarls and growing congestion in Agartala town the state government has decided to introduce metred auto-rickshaw service as well as Town Bus service in Agartala town , as before.

Announcing this in an interaction with the media the minister for agriculture and transport Pranjit Singha Roy said that in the immediate after  the ‘Durga Puja’ auto-rickshaws will be ordered to have metres so that passengers are not subjected to harassment on the issue of exorbitantly high fares. All fares will be based on reading of the metres fitted on the auto-rickshaws. Besides, regular low-cost Town Bus service which was once the pride of Agartala town till the late seventies will be reintroduced.

‘The traffic movement in Agartala town is not only slow but a source of massive pollution  more the number of vehicles plying on the roads of Agartala has also grown exponentially ; we feel that introduction of Town Bus service and metres in auto-rickshaws will partially solve the problem’ said Pranjit Singha Roy.


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