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Tribal Contingent of the state with BJP: CM Manik Saha

The Chief Minister Professor Dr Manik Saha is absolutely confident that the tribal contingent of the state is supporting BJP and it will be them who would win in the upcoming election of 2023 by a huge margin. He said the same during a public gathering which took place after the rally of Raj Bhawan organised by ST Morcha on Thursday.

He said that it was said earlier that a large number of tribal people who have supported BJP have become less with time but the kind of crowd which has been seen on this day actually meant that the President of Janajati Morcha has done great Job hence he thanked him as well.

He had full faith on them and the reality was there to be seen on this day. This kind of power has already brought some tension in the camp of th opposition parties. The strength of Janajati Morcha has been shown today and there are 7 groups like these and the kind of show that one group has shown has made sure that panic has already set in those camps.

The kind of support which has been seen in places like Mandwi and other places show that the situation has changed. There are almost 11 crore tribal people in the Country and it is only BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has given due respect to them. He also gave the example of ” Draupadi Murmu” and added that there 8-9 Cabinet Minister who are from North East at present.

There are similar examples present in the state which includes Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma and various others who have been given all the respect by the party.

Dr. Manik Saha said that the party knows how to give respect to everyone hence a proposal has been sent to increase the number of seats in ADC which is 28 at present to 50 so that each of 19 tribe and sub tribes has a representative. He added that CPM and Congress has been involved with dirty politics which includes Murder and terror but the rally which took place today was absolutely different from all these.

He has urged everyone to work together in different levels like Booth and mandal in strong way but all the work must be done in a peaceful manner.


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