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Tripura: “8 arrested in Jirania incident; 4 arrested in Pranajit murder case” says CEO

Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte sought everyone’s cooperation to conduct violence-free assembly elections.

On Thursday, the Chief Electoral Officer said in a press conference organised at the West Tripura District Magistrate Office that all the incidents related to the election of the 8 districts of the state are under the notice of the commission and diplomatic steps are being taken in this regard.

He added that the commission continues to make every effort to ensure that no untoward incident takes place.
District Magistrate of West Tripura District Debapriya Bardhan, Superintendent of Police Shankar Debnath were present in the press conference.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that the code of conduct has been launched in the entire state with the announcement of elections yesterday.
A meeting was held on Thursday with 8 political parties to discuss the model code of conduct and other issues.

He said that election observers will start coming to the state from tomorrow.
The Chief Election Officer said that 8 people have already been arrested in an obscene incident in Jirania yesterday (Wednesday).
In another incident in Kamalpur, 4 people have already been arrested based on the complaint of the victim’s family.


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