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Tripura Data Centre Policy-2021 launched to encourage IT and ITES in the state

Tripura Data Centre Policy-2021 launched to encourage IT and ITES in the state.

State government has launched Tripura Data Centre Policy- 2021 in order to encourage IT and ITES based enterprises in the state. All small, micro, medium, IT related govemment and private and jointly managed companies in the state come under this policy.

This policy will be in operation from 30.10.2021 until March 2029. For this reason, enterprises established during this period only will be covered by this policy. Enterprises Established prior to this will be covered under IT/ITES Incentive Scheme 2017. If the ownership of any enterprise changes then the new owner will get the benefits of this policy

The enterprises falling under “Tapara Data Centre Policy 2021, whether established on state governmental space, PWD department’s or private area, they will be provided with 50% rental discount of upto 12.00 lakh rupees annually, else the state government will provide subsidy on long term (30 years) lease.

Apart from this, other incentives will be provided such as electricity at low price, dual grid power supply, renewable energy usage, facility for generation of solar and wind energy based electricity.

Data Centre enterprises will be provided 30% subsidy on internet usage. As these enterprises will remain open for 24 hours, they will be given the facilities of Tripura Essential Services Maintenance Act 2019 also.

The enterprises will be given 30% subsidy on capital investment. Details on availing the incentives of this policy will be issued by Industries and Commerce department later on.

The Goverment of Tripura has launched the policy with a vision to build the state into a data osemment inpur centre hub which will not only hring hig investments but also create job opportunities in the state.

This information was provided by the Secretary of Information Technology Tanushree Debbarma.


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