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Tripura: Education dept to intiate strict action against section of govt teachers engaged in private tuition

The Education department intends to take a firm stance on private tutoring and plans to penalize several government teachers.

NC Sharma, the Director of the Education department, has instructed the drafting of letters against these teachers.

Government teachers have been enjoying certain privileges in the state for quite some time, particularly during the previous administration, the Left era.

Following the formation of the BJP-led government in 2018, the Education department issued a notification explicitly stating that government teachers are prohibited from providing private tuition or engaging in private coaching classes. However, numerous government teachers still continue to offer private tuition services.

Consequently, the Education department is preparing to take disciplinary measures against those teachers who are illegally involved in private tutoring.

A recent directive highlights the issue of government teachers being involved in private tuition despite previous warnings and guidelines issued by the Education department.

In response to this disobedience, all District Education Officers have been instructed to initiate inquiries into such cases through respective district officers and report the findings to the department for appropriate action against the teachers engaged in private tuition.

Notably, some government teachers since the Leftist era in Tripura are earning significant amounts of money each month by providing private tuition from morning till evening without going to schools. It has resulted in a decline in the quality of education in schools.


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