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Tripura ex-CM Biplab Deb demands ASI circle office to boost tourism in state

On Wednesday, Former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on his first day of Rajya Sabha drew the attention of the central government towards various archaeological sites of Tripura.

Besides, he discussed the significance of protecting those sites to attract more tourists.
Addressing the Rajya Sabha, Deb demanded an ASI circle office for Tripura so that Tripura’s all the archaeological sites could be developed, protected and managed properly.

He added, “Apart from Maa Tripureswari temple that draws devotees from across the globe, Tripura also has three crucial archaeological sites – Boxanagar, Unakoti, and Pilak, which are capable of giving a boost in the state tourism if promoted”.
He added that the development of these historically significant tourism sites lies in the hands of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) and the authorities are working diligently.

Deb said that the ASI has no circle office in the state, and thus, work often gets stuck due to communication gaps.

He further said that a circle office of ASI in Tripura will improve the protection measures of those sites as well as help the authorities conduct new excavations in probable sites.
Deb added that if an ASI circle office is established in Tripura, new heights will be seen in the archaeological research activities.
He said the Central government will hopefully consider all these issues and give its positive nod in this regard.

Notably, Deb exchanged a number of letters with ASI authorities for a fully functional office here in Tripura when he was Chief Minister of the state.


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