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Tripura Government Implement Strict Measures To Contain Spread Of New Variant ‘Omicron’

Where the experts are anticipating a massive rise in COVID cases by the advent of new year 2022; following this concern, On Dec 24th a preparatory meeting has been held in the civil secretariat chaired by the Chief Secretary Kumar Alok.

In meeting major plans and protocols have been decided to stop the spread of this new variant omicron in the state.

At the beginning, the Principal Secretary of the Revenue Department briefed about the importance of the meeting keeping an eye on the present COVID status of the state.

Later, the following has been carried on by the NHM Mission Director, Siddharth Shib Jaiswal showing a small presentation on the management and workings of every COVID on duty staffs, doctors and the respective centres.

The Following Guidelines and Protocols that were being made in this meeting are as follows:

  1. Wearing masks/ face cover is compulsory in public places, crowded areas, in markets, in all work places and offices and during travelling.
  2. Wide and thorough publicity on wearing masks/ face cover and to maintain Covid Appropriate Behavior (CAB) through miking, print, electronic and social media.
  3. Fine may be imposed on the defaulters for not using masks or maintaining CAB from 31 December 2021 For this, public awareness should be done beforehand.
  4. List of arrivals from the high risk countries should be shared with the PHQ and all SPs for strict monitoring of their mandatory home quarantine by police along with the health teams.
  5. Testing should be increased by activating additional teams.
  6. Strict sample testing should be enforced in airport, all railway stations, all ICPs and Churaibari Entry Post.
  7. Authorities of BSF, CRPF, Assam Rifles and other paramilitary forces should ensure strict compliance of sample testing of the persons coming from outside the state A formal letter should be issued immediately on the subject.


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