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Tripura High Court rejects plea of 10,323 terminated teachers

The High Court has rejected the petition of 10,323 sacked teachers sealing the policy of the state government adopted for the recruitment of the teachers who moved the ignoring the recruitment policy.

The petition was filed by three protesting teachers on behalf of 10,323 terminated teachers. 

According to the court, it is not possible to order the state government to appoint people unconstitutionally. Because, according to Article 226 of the constitution, it will be illegal.

The Tripura High Court’s has made it clear that recruitment of teachers cannot be done in any way by ignoring the recruitment policy.

In 2014, the Tripura High Court had terminated the appointment of 10,323 government school teachers citing that the selection was contrary to the provisions of the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993.

The High Court said that the appointments were arbitrary and illegal and suffered due to nepotism and favouritism. The Supreme Court in 2017 modified the High Court order and directed the state government to complete a fresh selection process on or before December 31, 2017. 8882 ad-hoc teachers were terminated on the completion of academic session 2019-20 in accordance with directions issued by the apex court.


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