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Tripura: Minister Sushanta Chowdhury holds meeting on development of Tourism

Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury presided over a vital meeting with tour operators, officials, and representatives from various organizations involved in the hotel and resort business, aimed at reviving the tourism industry of the state that was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was held at the Geetanjali Tourism Guest House on Monday afternoon.
The meeting discussed strategies to promote the attractive tourist spots of Tripura to people in the country and abroad and develop the tourism industry’s potential in the state.

The meeting’s primary focus was on developing specific plans to make every corner of the state accessible to tourists.

During the meeting, the Tourism Minister of Tripura emphasized the importance of developing the tourism industry in the state for the benefit of employment, livelihood, and the overall economy..

He urged officials and representatives from various organizations involved in the hotel and resort business to take necessary steps to provide proper services to tourists visiting the state.

Chowdhury also stressed the need for proper monitoring of tour operators to prevent tourists from being deprived of their desired services.

He added, “The government is taking initiatives to promote low-cost local services, eco-tourism, and event-based tourism while preserving nature. The Tourism department has taken initiatives to decorate the various tourist centers of the state and ensure cleanliness, safety, and comfort for tourists.”

The Tourism Minister added that just making promises and constructing hotels is not enough, and all concerned parties need to work together for the development of the tourism industry.


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