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Tripura: MP Biplab Deb Demands Re-Opening Of Border Haats

While in the past, Left MPs from Tripura didnot raised their demands in the parliament on issues related to the state’s interest, the former Chief Minister of the state, currently in the Rajya Sabha, BJP MP Biplab Kumar Deb, is making demands every day on issues related to the state’s interest.

While addressing the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, MP Biplab Kumar Deb raised the demand for reopening of border markets in Kamalasagar and Srinagar in South Tripura district, which were closed due to the Covid situation.

Besides, he also demanded the speedy implementation of the proposed border markets. To justify the claim, Deb said that these border markets are the center of attraction for tourists and the source of livelihood for many people. He further said, “Here local shopkeepers of both countries come and sell their local products. People of the two countries buy products according to the prescribed rules”.

Biplab Deb said that though the border markets under Meghalaya have been opened after the normalization of the Covid situation, these two border markets in Tripura have not been opened.

Deb highlighted that in this regard, a request has been made to the concerned Ministry of the Central Government to take necessary steps in this matter in consultation with the Government of Bangladesh, on behalf of the Department of Industry of the Government of Tripura, through a letter.

He added, “There is a Joint Border Market Committee to look after the functioning of border markets in which the respective district officials of the two countries are associated with it. Although interested in opening the border markets, the Bangladesh administration has not responded or given any reason for not opening border markets”.

Biplab Kumar Deb drew the attention of the Ministry of Industry to take necessary measures to discuss and take necessary steps in this regard, as the situation is affecting the livelihood of many local people. He also demanded to start the border markets in Kamalpur and Dharmanagar of Tripura.


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