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Tripura MP Biplab Deb moves Private Bill in Rajya Sabha seeking Agar board

MP Biplab Kumar Deb is opening the doors of various possibilities by raising various important issues related to the interest of Tripura in the Parliament of the country.

It is observed that he has spoken in the parliament on several issues after taking charge as an MP. Biplab Deb also made proposals on issues related to the public interest of other states of the country (Bihar).
He highlighted another important topic of Tripura in Parliament on Friday.

Bringing a private proposal of Friday, MP Biplab Kumar Deb raised the demand for the development of Tripura’s agar industry and its proper commercialization, which has huge potential in economic growth.

He has demanded adequate research in its development, including formation of agar board in Tripura, and necessary steps to encourage its producers and new entrepreneurs.

In a tweet after raising the issue of agar industry in the Parliament, MP Biplab Deb said that the huge demand and high selling prices of other materials derived from the agar plant, including agar oil like liquid gold, will show a new direction in the economic development of India, including the North Eastern region.


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