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Tripura produced 90 lakh kg of tea leaves across the state

Santosh Saha, Chairman of Tripura Tea Development Corporation, provided an update on tea production during a press conference at Agartala Tea Corporation on Friday.

He said, “In the fiscal year 2022-23, Tripura produced 90 lakh kg of tea leaves across the state, with 22 tea leaf factories in operation.

Among them, two factories owned by Agartala Corporation contributed 7 lakh kg of tea leaves. This increase in production has led to a reduction in imports, contributing to the state’s financial growth.”

He added, “The Tripura Tea Development Corporation, with government support, is emphasizing tea production and now manages Lakshiganga and Teppanyalunga tea estates in Bamutia. State-produced tea is also being marketed outside Tripura.”

Chairman Santosh Saha further said, “The government has distributed two Gandas land as land rights to long-standing tea workers, further benefitting the tea industry. Around 2000 workers have already benefited from the tea industry initiatives.”


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