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Tripura records 10 new Covid-19 cases

Ten new cases of Covid-19 have been discovered in Tripura amidst the heat waves. The Director of Family Welfare and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Radha Debbarma, has reported that the health department has identified ten cases in total, with 4 in West District, 5 in Unakoti district, and one in the North district.

Debbarma stated that the health department has identified ten Covid-19 cases across three districts of the state.

She added, “Among them one person from North district has travel history to Maharashtra

In response to these cases, the health department has increased testing of individuals who have traveled into the state from outside.

She further said, “We have increased our efforts to conduct more Covid tests and detect positive cases. Our primary objective is to ensure that all positive patients are isolated at home, and those with comorbidities are referred to hospitals. Besides, we plan to reintroduce mandatory wearing of face masks and the practice of social distancing.”


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