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Two-day G-20 Summit commences: We must collectively work towards greenifying our Earth for future generation

The two-day G-20 Science related Summit has commenced in Agartala today and will continue till April 4. This summit has been organised for the first time in Tripura. The theme of the Science related Summit is ‘Clean Energy for Greener Future.

The two-day G-20 Summit has been organised at In-door Exhibition Hall of International Fair Ground, Hapania. Indian representative of the G-20 Prof. Narinder Mehra said, the hospitality of Tripura has touched our hearts. The whole world must collectively work towards greenifying our Earth for the future generation.

Every one of us must unitedly reach to a certain goal taking new innovative initiatives. He emphasized upon making the most of the opportunity in this Conference taking every one along.

In the beginning of the Conference, Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, Prof. Ajay Sood said, clean energy plays a significant role in industrialisation. It is essential to take apt steps to resolve the issues regarding clean energy. Matters as to how clean energy can be produced without polluting the environment must be thought upon. Today’s Conference will help making policies in concerned areas and resolving different issues within bounded time period. He also emphasized upon using Green Hydrogen in Clean energy sector.

Presiding over the G-20 Summit Conference on behalf of India, the representatives shed light on climate change. Research and innovative initiatives on producing clean energy are the important matters at present.

Brazil representative in the Conference said, we must all stand against climate change. He lauded the hospitality of the state. Representatives of G-20 country, Indonesia also took part in the Conference via video conferencing. Representatives of G-20 countries including Indian representatives and scientists took part in the Conference,


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