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Two-day workshop on Vision-2047 concluded Thoughts of young students should be associated with the Vision: CM

The blueprint of Vision-2047 for the next generations of the state has been prepared which is why it is important to acquaint high school level students. starting from class 9 with the goal of Vision-2047′.

They must be given opportunity to share their ideas regarding Vision-2047. Only then this initiative will be successful, enunciated Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb at the concluding programme of the two-day workshop on ‘Vision-2047 yesterday at Pragna Bhawan. He said, the thoughts of young students should be associated with the Vision.

Students shall be acquainted about the big and important projects undertaken by the state government. The Chief Minister advised the officials of the concerned departments to organize workshops in coordination with the schools if necessary.

As a result, the students will be able to prepare for their future from the very beginning. Through Vision-2047, efforts should be made to involve all women above 25 years of age into earning in the state. In this case, we need to work with the aim of setting Tripura as an example in the country. This step will work for women empowerment and self-reliant women only can play significant roles in building a self-reliant Tripura.

The Chief Minister said, the best projects of any state of the country should be studied and used for the development of the state. Good governance is essential to move the state forward. In this case, the development of the state should be followed by following that country or state which is doing good work in administering good governance. Responding to Prime Minister’s call for ‘One District, One Product”, it must be adopted in every district of the state. In this case, plans t be taken keeping in view the things that the district is famous for.

The concerned departments should ask the district magistrates of each district to regularly monitor the implementation of this plan. Initiatives should be taken to expand foreign trade by exporting the products that will be produced in cach district. He said, success will surely come if we are steadfast towards any goal.

Everyone needs come forward to make Vision-2047 a success to build a better Tripura for the future generations of the state. He suggested regularly reviewing of the progress of the plans taken up in each sector. He said, emphasis should be laid on spreading awareness on initiatives taken up so that even the last person in the state may know about the aims and objectives of Vision-2047. The Chief Minister urged every department to include publicity into Vision-2047.

Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma in the concluding programme emphasized the need for various departments to set more targets and focus on new. strategies to take the state to the pinnacle of development in 25 years. He said, 70% of the land in the state is forest. These forest resources must be utilized. It is not possible to take the state forward without it. The tourism industry of the state has huge potential for development and almost every tourist destination in the associated with forests. Forests are the key to the ecosystem. The culture of Tripura is diverse. Here is a gathering of people of different races and tribes.

They have very different cultures. This culture is also very much related to the forest. So, everyone must be careful in protecting the forest resources. In this context, he emphasized planting trees while cutting down trees is going on. He said, to take the state to the peak of development in the next 25 years, it is necessary to set specific targets in the field of horticulture, fisheries, tourism, etc., including the primary sector. Only then is it possible to take the state forward towards development.


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