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Two journalists came with intention to disturb peace and harmony: Sushanta Chowdhury

Information and Cultural Affairs Minister, Sushanta Chowdhury on Monday while addresing a press conference took a jibe at all those interest groups and communal elements which are trying to spread hate news and communal tension across the state.

To his remarks, all of them have arrived in Tripura from outer states and are busy in distorting the image of brotherhood, peace and harmony among the different communities.

He also blatantly blamed some journalists from outside Tripura and paid media houses for spreading fake propaganda just to gain some mean political mileage.

However, the Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Sushanta Chowdhury while addressing the press media at Secretariat said, “They spread false news from their Twitter accounts. So the police asked them to cooperate as there was a case filed against them. But, instead of cooperating, they tried to escape away from this case.

He asserted that there were no incidents of vandalism in mosques and beatings of minorities in Tripura.

However, the two journalists entered Tripura with the identity of journalists and spread false and untrue news. 

He also claimed that the two journalists had come to Tripura as accomplices of political parties. He also questioned “why they were afraid of the police if they had not done anything wrong. Why did they flee to Assam instead of flying to Delhi via Agartala ?”

He lastly, requested the common public of this state to be united and be alert in this situation for countering every possible tussle trap and intrigue that are constantly planned by some alien interest groups in the state for damaging the communal harmony and reputation of our state.


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