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Various Agriculture equipments and sewing machine distribution programme by ICA Minister

On Wednesday, Sushanta Chowdhury, the ICA and DWS Minister of Tripura was seen at an official meet organised by the Jirania Nagar Panchayat in Jirania.

He also proceeded the entire meeting successfully. The meeting was also chaired by Jirania SDM Jiban Krishna Acharya, Nagar Panchayat MP Ratan Kumar Nag, Vice Chairperson Rita Das, councilors of different wards, social worker Gouranga Bhowmik and other officials of various departments.

In the meeting, some very important agendas have been discussed among which there was a target set for making 13 new self-help groups in the 2012-22 financial years.

13 successfully has been created until now and the rest 2 would be created very soon” assured the ICA Minister. Total 44 self-help groups are functional in the Jirania Sub-division.

The CDPO in-charge of the Jirania Social Welfare and Education Dept. said that total 629 people are getting allowances in this Nagar Panchayat.

Moreover, it is also announced before the media that under the Pradhan Mantri Housing Scheme there is a target being set of distributing 167 houses to the neediest people.

Before the meeting, the ICA Minister charitably handed over 300+ medicated mosquito nets, 3 Salon Chairs and 3 Volley Balls to the recipients present over there.


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