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Various Welfare schemes for the Divyangjan and Elders must be delivered: Pratima Bhowmik

On Saturday, at the inauguration event of “Samajik Adhikarita Shivir” in Rajarshi Hall, Udaipur the Central State Minister of Social Justice, Pratima Bhowmik has shown her grave concern to the lives of handicaps in the state.

While on stage, she mainly talked about the hapless paralysed condition of the physically disabled people who needs our care and support.

She urged everyone present in the meeting to show empathy and their kindness while interacting or moving across a physically challenged or a handicapped person.

She also said that “the present government both in centre as well as in state are working jointly for ensuring their bright and safe future.

They also possess special abilities and talents which needs to be nurtured from now on. We must make sure that they don’t feel deprived of government facility and aids. We have to work in such a way that by our support they feel the most abled and perfect human being in this world.”


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