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Violence erupts as TIPRA & TPF parties clash in Khumulwng

Everything was normal but all of a sudden the TTAADC Headquarters area quaked in violence.

On Thursday, a massive clash has been take place at Khumulwng between two indigenous political parties; the ruling party TIPRA Motha vs Patal Kanya’s TPF.

The backdrop of this violence is said to be a public event organised by TPF on the “Human Rights Day.”

Sources says that a violent mob of TIPRA Motha spelt attack on the members of TPF. This incident has shuddered the law and order condition of entire Khumulwng.

Heavy deployments have been made on the ground zero to retain the stability of the area. The Royal Scion Pradyut Manikya also rushed to the spot after getting the info.

He there got blatantly insulted and harassed by the insane members of TPF.

The Police and General Administration is trying to ensure full peace and order of Khumlung.

Motha Chief Pradyot has expressed his heavy resentment by calling a press conference at his residence. He said “ I don’t care if somebody insult me or attack me in public but I care about my Tiprasa People, their safety and welfare. I care about Greater Tipraland and will always be until or unless we achieve that goal. Our fight will continue. I lastly request to all my Tiprasa Brothers to calm down and try to keep the peace restored in our Khumlung. Please, don’t fight amongst each other and let people insult, criticise and down our prestige publically”.


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