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90959.jpgCircumstances on Tuesday, September 18, might bring you to a tipping point as relentless Mars in your house of hard work bangs into liberated Uranus in your freedom-loving ninth house. Talk about being jerked in two directions! Part of you feels like there’s no way out of all your obligations (and the stress that comes with them) while another side is hankering for a one-way ticket to the freedom zone! This is the third and final clash of these planets in 2018, but if you don’t reconcile that inner tug of war, you’ll feel out of sync even when the energy passes later this week. The previous two Mars-Uranus squares might provide clues: Think back to what you were going through on May 16 and August 2. In August, Mars was retrograde; this time, Uranus is off-course in your ninth house of travel and adventure, and you may be chomping at the bit to take a vacation, even if it’s a digital detox staycation. Ultimately, Virgo, you need to redraw the line that separates “enough” and “too much”—before you reach burnout. But don’t do anything rash, like quit your day job in a huff. Your higher-ups probably don’t know you’re at the end of your fuse. Finish what you’re in the middle of, delegate what you can, and take the breather you deserve. Though disruptive, this cosmic clash may pull the curtain back on a deeper underlying issue, oh industrious one. Why do you get yourself into these extremely pressured situations? Is there another way to do meaningful work without giving till you’re exhausted? The quest for balance is important, and if you come up with a few clever hacks now, you might be able to sustain them—and the only person who’ll be happier than you will be your beloved…or the partner you WILL meet once you open some space for that person to come in!



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