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Voting guidelines for senior citizens and Covid-19 patients

As per the Election Commission decision dated July 16, 2020 for senior citizens of above 80 years, Covid-19 suspect or affected persons and persons with disability will be able to exercise their voting rights through postal ballots.

It has been informed by the office of the Chief Electoral Officer that the application for postal ballots has to reach the concerned Returning Officer during the period from date of announcement of election to five days following the date of notification of the election concerned.

It has been stated in the guidelines that only after the concerned Returning Officers are sure of the health condition of the Covid-19 patient, only then the postal ballot will be provided and collected In case of persons with disability (PWD) voter, they have to submit application form (12-C) along with Divyangian Certificate to the concerned authority According to further guidelines under the surveillance of Sector Officers, the BLO RO will distribute and collect the form 12-C door to door from such voters with their consent to take part in postal ballot voting Only after they provide their consent, the BLO will collect the form 12-C and submit to the RO within five days of the notice being published.

Those individuals who will be casting their votes through postal ballots will not be eligible to cast their vote again in voting booths. The Returning Officers shall provide such an approved list of voters who will be casting their votes through. postal ballots to the candidates of political parties.

It has also been informed that the Electoral Officers will look after the process of postal ballot voting at the addresses mentioned in the form 12-D In this regard, it will be informed through SMS or through BLO in advance as to when the Polling Officers will be visiting for postal hallot voting If the voter is not found at the particular address the first time, then they will visit second time after informing about date and time in advance However, the department shall not try again for postal ballot voting if the vote was not casted even in the second visit. The Polling Officer will examine the identity of the voters prior to handing over the postal ballot.

They will also make the voter aware about the whole election procedure and will sign on the declaration form 13-A. after completion of postal ballot voting, they will collect form 13-C along with the envelope. The entire process will be documented through videography. The postal ballot voting process has to be done a day before the election date.

The concerned ARO will collect form 12-C along with postal ballot and envelope in case of such voters.


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