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Well prepared and quality news helps in building public opinion: CM

Expansion of news media and creation of positive environment occurred during the period of the present government. Well prepared and quality news helps in building public opinion, enunciated Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb after inaugurating electronic media channel. *Syandan TV’ today. The Chief Minister in the inauguration programme said, news media plays a significant role in rooting out the negative influences of illegal drugs. He called upon all the news media to take this role on priority basis.

The Chief Minister said, the government is working on priority basis to keep the young generation away from the grip of addiction. Besides that, any information related to smuggling and sale of addictive items specially near educational institutions should be brought to the notice of authority so that the mission to keep younger generation away from addiction is achieved successfully. The way the public expects quality work in the government’s management, in the same way delivering quality news is also important. Quality news helps build public opinion. The news media plays an important part in t eradicating social hackwardness through proper public awareness.

The Chief Minister also said, a positive attitude and confidence has generated birth in people of the state to do something in life. Entrepreneurs are creating job opportunities for others. Various services of different schemes are being delivered to the beneficiaries beyond any kind of political bias.

Transparency has been brought tin the recruitment process in all sectors. Women have found new direction of income through the right management of the state government. On one hand, the number of Self-Help Groups is noticeably increasing and on the other hand, women have found income sources and gained financial strength.

The Chief Minister urged everyone to not take Covid-19 and Omicron variant lightly and to follow necessary health guidelines.

Managing Director of Syandan TV Subal Kumar De in the inaugural. programme said, Syandan has been performing its duties for the welfare of people without any business mentality since long and that will he continued in futurealso. Information & Cultural Affairs Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, Mayor of Agartala Municipal Council Dipak Majumdar, Secretary of Agartala Press Club Pranab Sarkar were also present in the inaugural programme.


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