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Why you should visit Scribblemania!

Well, you will find enough reasons to fall in love with the event and will definitely like to have alike events in the coming days in the state.
Tripura is bestowed with a variety of pen-runners undoubtedly. Some became professional today and many are amateur as well. The variety mainly exists in the stylistic of the writers.
To encourage the young pens and provide an ideal platform to showcase their creative and artistic skills in order to present them to a broader audience, TOTELL is going to organise “Scribblemania” for the first time ever in Agartala from October 13th to 15 at City Center Art Gallery.
Here are ten reasons to visit Scribblemania:
 A bunch of youth with an urge to create : An idea popped up from a young mind to exhibit the concrete form of the abstract creations of young people of the state.
 Discover how Tripura is growing with the power of pen: Scribble Mania is a platform to lead you to the future of writing as an art and profession as well this state.
 Explore 25 hidden young pens with their magic of words: Until we let the buds bloom we will be away from the garden. We have gathered twenty five budding writers to enhance the beauty of the literary platform of our state.
 Introduction to the new start-ups of the state:  Talent can’t flourish without a platform and Totell is a platform that showcase the talents is Tripura. Moreover there are Enlive Production House and other partners introduced through this event.
 Live talk shows with the young achievers: For betterment of the newly exhibited writers we have arranged live talk session which will help them to experience the feeling of being on stage and to help the audience to know more about them.
 Exchange of knowledge and experience between the professional and amateur writers : Knowledge enriches when shared. This exhibition will provide a space for exchanging knowledge.
 Enthusiastic cultural events in all the three consecutive days: We will be presenting Solo Songs and Instrumental Performances by young talented artists.
 Encourage the art of creativity among the growing generation : Not only writings but also artistic decors and creative designing will be enhancing the ambience of the exhibition.
 Gathering of like mind audiences of all age: Readers to writers, publishers to buyers, this is going to be a platform for all to interact about words.
 Fun amidst diligent writers and voracious readers creating an ambience of psychedelia: We Scribble to Create. We, the writers are hoping to let you read and connect and have fun via interaction to create an ambience of psychedelia.
Report by Bijasmita Debnath, TOTELL


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