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BJP National General Secretary B. L. Santhosh arrived in State

The BJP national general secretary BL Santosh today arrived in Agartala to held a meeting with the state BJP leaders of the state.

The BJP leaders hold a series of meeting with the BJP MLAS, BJP Ministers.

On this day, he hold meetings with leaders of various levels of the state.

After the tragic defeat in the West Bengal elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah do not want to take any more risks.

With five state elections looming, BL Santosh has been tasked with visiting various states to test the BJP’s organizational strength.

The ruling party has collapsed in the ADC elections in the state a few days ago.

Moreover, both Narendra Modi and Amit Saha are well aware of the current situation in the state. It is clear that there is a dissatisfaction among some workers and supporters of the party.


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