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Cooperative Minister inaugurates ARCS Office at Kumarghat

Cooperation has an important role in the economic development of rural areas. The government has taken initiative to make the poor and farmers of the poor parts of the rural area through cooperatives.

The inauguration of the office of the cooperative department at Kumaraghat was fulfilled. Cooperative Minister Shuklacharan Noatia inaugurated the Kumaraghat’s office at the Cooperative Department today. It is to be noted that the work of the Cooperative Department of Kumaraghat subdivision from Kailasahar has been underway for so long.

On the occasion, the Cooperative Minister said that the government has started the office of considering the problems of the people of the Kumaraghat subdivision.

Kumaraghat Primary Marketing Co-operative Society Limited has a significant role in the cooperative movement in the state. He also said that the present government of the state has given importance to the growth of people of rural parts through cooperatives.


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