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Expert stresses on environment and river protection

Expert stresses on environment and river protection

“Sustainable development is a major challenge in the 21st century and India has to focus on protection of environment”, said Dr. Snehal Donde one of the leading environmentalists of the country in a special lecture programme held at Tripura University on Monday.

The lecture focused on contemporary environmental issues which required to be addressed for sustainable development.

Dr Donde also stressed on the need of immediate holistic actions to prevent soil erosion at different levels.

“Pollution and decadence of rivers like Ganga are a serious matter”, said Principal of Hallary Visa Oswal College of Commerce, Bhiwandi and emphasized on the need of water literacy education throughout the country.

The program was presided over by the Prof. V. L. Dharurkar, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Tripura University.
Students – Tarun Barua; Samrat Chakraborty, Samrat Sarkar, Prince Uppadhay, Arnab Mitra, Mihir Adhikari, Ujjal Datta, Soumadip Bera- of the PG Gents’ Hostel interacted with the expert on different burning issues of environment across the country as well as in Tripura.

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor welcomed Dr. Donde with flower bouquet made by hostel students, Uttorio and beautiful traditional memento made of bamboo of Tripura. .

Prof Dharurkar in his speech said, Tripura’s banana and pineapple has export quality and student should get connected to the land by working on agricultural field during their education period.


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