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Flood situation in Agartala improves

The flood situation at Agartala city including some parts of Tripura has improved. as there was relatively less shower during the day. The 04 (four) companies of SDRF team comprising of TSR had delivered yeoman service in the areas of RMS Chowmuhani, Netaji Chowmohani, Chandrapur, Baldakhal, Pratapgarh, Bardowali, Dashamighat, Durga Chowmohani, Fire Brigade Chowmohani, IGM Chowmohani etc. since yesterday afternoon and were involved in several rescue operations in flood affected areas.

The SDRF companies of 2nd Bn. TSR, RK Nagar, 7th Bn TSR, Jampuijala and 10th Bn TSR, Jirania were deployed at Agartala city and its adjoining areas. So far, no loss of lives or injury has been reported. Presently, more than 600 persons comprising about 100 families are camping in 08 Nos. of temporary Relief camps.

  1. As precautionary measures, Police/TSR pickets have been placed in few locations on Howrah River and Katakhal embankments. The SDRF including Police and Civil administration are keeping sharp watch on the situation.

In a related issue, 54 stranded passengers were dropped from Agartala Airport to their concerned destination by West District Police yesterday. Another Bus service was also provided from Agartala Railway Station to Nagerjala last night for rescue of stranded passengers. Similarly, Police ERV have rescued 03 women from Bardowali, 10 women teachers from Sakhicharan School, 05 Male from SBI Life Office near RS Bhavan and several others and dropped them to their respective homes. Situation is being monitored continuously. In case of any help, we may be contacted on 112.


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