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Historic Kisan Rail takes off from Agartala for Delhi

Agartala, 12 June: On a historic note, Kisan Rail with 18 General coaches and 2 SLR took off for the first time in whole North-eastern region today from Agartala railway station for Delhi (Adarsh Nagar) carrying 543 packages of 8,990 kg state’s sweet quality Queen Pineapple after Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb and Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy waved the green flag.

The Chief Minister hopes that this initiative will bring great benefit to the farmers as well as the state. The train will reach Kolkata (Chitpur) in 33hrs and will reach Delhi in 49 hrs from the time of its departure from Agartala Railway Station.

Not only this, 75 packages of 1,145 kg agricultural products will also reach Gauhati on trial basis which consists of 64 Jackfruits and 200kg different variety of pineapples. Total 618 number of packages and total 10,135 kg of agro-products took off in this rail. The agro products were decked inside the buggies in boxes and packaging.

“5 Metric Tonnes of Queen Pineapple grown in the state by the farmers from Mohanbhog. Melaghar will reach Delhi and then to Dubai,” said Ripon Pal, Secretary of Krishi Sanyoga Agro Producer Company Ltd., the same company whose Jackfruits reached London market which got a special mention by PM Modi in “Mann ki Baat’.

On being asked he also said that due to less rain, the production is less but the business is not much affected even in Covid situation because of availability of transports to export products for which he expressed his gratitude to the state government.

Kisan Rail was first launched in India on 7th August 2020 where the farmers have to pay only 50% and the government pays rest 50% subsidy on carrying charges. The main motive of such rail is to encourage farmers, more outreach for better market and better earning and preventing wastage of domestic agro-products. However, in the whole North-eastern region, this kind of integrated special train has been launched for the first time in history under North East Frontier Railway which is a boon to farmers and is a matter of pride for the state. Next Kisan Rail to Chitpur (Kolkata) will leave on 16th of June, 2021. Later the trains both from Agartala- Delhi and Agartala-Kolkata will hit the tracks after 14th days for the month of June and on weekly basis from the month of July at 13.00 hrs which can further be increased depending upon the requirements. The freight details are –

  1. Agartala-Chitpur (Kolkata)= 1532 km After 50% discount under Kisan Rail Scheme, Freight per tonne is Rs. 2,025 including DC @ 2% approx.
  2. Agartala-ANDI (Adarsh Nagar, Delhi) = 2435 km
  3. After 50% discount under Kisan Rail Scheme, Freight per tonne is Rs. 2,775 including DC @ 2% approx.

As the Central and State government has opened a new path for the farmers to reach national and international markets, the farmers need to make the best of the opportunity. Development comes with participation and with the active participation and appropriate awareness, the state shall surely prosper.


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