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Pakistani jets cross LoC, Indian Air Force takes down one F-16

Pakistani jets violated the Line of Control this morning, officials said, prompting Indian Air Force fighters to launch counter operations. This happened a day after the Indian Air Force launched a pre-emptive airstrike in Pakistan.

Indian Air Force jets “engaged” the Pakistani jets, forcing them to return, sources said without explained what the “engagement” was. One of the at least three Pakistani jets that crossed the Line of Control was taken down by the Indian Air Force, news agency ANI reported.

The Pakistani jet was an F-16 and its pilot was seen ejecting, ANI said. There was no word on the pilot’s condition.

The Pakistani jets however did manage to drop bombs while fleeing Indian airspace. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

News agency ANI tweeted photos showed craters made by the Pakistani bombs in Rajouri.


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