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PM addresses MPs in Central Hall of Parliament during Special Session

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Members of Parliament in the Central Hall during the Special Session today.

The Prime Minister began the address to the house by conveying the best wishes on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. He noted today’s occasion when the proceedings of the House will be taking place in the new building of the Parliament. “We are heading to the new Parliament building with the resolve and determination to transform India into a developed nation”, the Prime Minister said. 

Speaking about the Parliament Building and the Central Hall, the Prime Minister dwelled on its inspiring history. He recalled that in the initial years this part of the building was used as a kind of library. He remembered that this was the place where the Constitution took shape and transfer of power took place at the time of Independence. He remembered that in this Central Hall India’s National Flag and National Anthem were adopted. He informed that after 1952 about 41 Heads of States and Governments from all over the world have addressed the Parliament of India in the Central hall.  Various Presidents of India addressed the Central hall 86 times, he informed. He said that Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have passed about four thousand Acts in the last seven decades. He also talked about the Laws passed through the mechanism of the Joint Session and mentioned  The Dowry Prohibition Act, Banking Service Commission Bill and Laws to fight terrorism in this regard. He also mentioned the law prohibiting Triple Talaq. Shri Modi highlighted Laws for the Transgenders and Divyangs. 

Highlighting the contributions of the public representatives in repealing Article 370, the Prime Minister underlined with immense pride that the Constitution provided to us by our ancestors is now being implemented in Jammu & Kashmir. “Today, Jammu & Kashmir is progressing on the path of peace and development and its people do not wish to let opportunities slip out of their hands anymore”, Shri Modi remarked. 

Recalling his address from Red Fort during the Independence Day 2023, the Prime Minister emphasized that the correct time is now and it highlights the reemergence of India with a renewed consciousness. “Bharat is brimming with energy”, Shri Modi emphasized as he noted that this renewed consciousness will enable every citizen to realize their dreams with dedication and hardwork. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that India is sure to reap the rewards on the chosen path. “Faster results can be achieved with a faster progress rate”, he added. Referring to India’s ascent into the top five economies, the Prime Minister said that the world and India is confident to break into the top three economies. He touched upon the robustness of India’s banking sector. He noted the world’s enthusiasm for India’s digital infrastructure, UPI and Digital Stacks. He said that this success is a matter of amazement, attraction and acceptance for the world. 


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