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Rahul Gandhi says poor will get universal basic income if Congress comes to power

After winning the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the Congress-led government will do what no other government has done. We will ensure universal basic income for the poor in the country, Rahul Gadhi said while speaking at a rally

Lok Sabha elections just a few months away, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday announced if voted to power, his government would provide a “minimum income guarantee to every poor person” in the country.

Addressing a large gathering at the Kisan Abhaar rally in Atal Nagar, Rahul said, “It is a historic decision. No government anywhere in the world has taken such a decision. Only the Congress can do it. The Congress party has decided that immediately after winning the 2019 elections, the government will provide a guarantee for minimum income to every poor. This means there will be a minimum income in the bank account of every poor Indian. This means that nobody in India will stay hungry, or will be poor.”

The Congress president said, “We gave a guarantee under MNREGA for 100 days of work, gave the right to food (security). We gave the right to information, which as a guarantee, opened the doors of the bureaucracy. Now, a minimum income guarantee.”

Rahul also gave away symbolic loan waiver certificates to farmers from Chhattisgarh. He praised the Bhupesh Baghel-led state government for waiving short term loans of farmers worth Rs 6,000 crores from cooperative and government banks, setting the price of paddy procurement at Rs 2,500, and its decision to return land in Bastar earlier acquired for a Tata Project which failed to get off the ground. “What the BJP couldn’t do in 15 years, the Congress did in two days.”


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