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The 16th Lok Sabha passed 133 bills and worked for a total of 1,615 hours

It was 40 per cent less productive than its predecessors.

The 16th Lok Sabha that held its sessions between June 2014 and February 2019, passed 133 bills and worked for a total of 1,615 hours, the second lowest by a House that completed a full-term, an analysis by PRS Legislative Research revealed.

The 16th Lok Sabha spent 40 per cent less time than the average number of hours (2,689) spent by previous Lower Houses that completed full-term. Disruptions and adjournments also took up most of its time with issues ranging from agrarian crisis, inflation and the Rafale deal, taking centre stage on different occasions.

This Lok Sabha lost 16 per cent of its scheduled time to disruptions, better than the 15th Lok Sabha (37 per cent), but worse than the 14th Lok Sabha (13 per cent). The budget session of 2018-19 ended in total Parliament washout, with the latter half of the session ending in adjournments, becoming the least productive parliamentary session in 18 years.
[14/02, 5:01 PM] Arghya: The 16th Lok Sabha also witnessed disruptions over contentious bills, including the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and the Triple Talaq bill, reverberations of which were felt across party lines outside Parliament.


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