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Transport minister attends in a review meeting of Transport Department

Sushanta Chowdhury, the Transport Minister on Thursday afternoon attended a significant high-level evaluation meeting on a variety of transportation-related topics in the presence of senior officials from various departments at the Geetanjali Tourism Guest House’s conference hall.

During the meeting, Chowdhury expressed the desire to bring about a revolutionary transformation in the state’s transportation industry by creating high-quality multi-purpose infrastructure in the future.
He stated that besides upgrading the transport sector, better transport infrastructure would encourage people’s lifestyles and commercial activities.

Chowdhury said that the development of transport infrastructure is crucial for sustainable development in any state and is considered a key driver of progress.

He added that the focus is on expanding and upgrading transport infrastructure to ensure a better future, and the aim is to develop the transport sector of Tripura state through a mission-oriented approach.

He emphasized the importance of active participation from all stakeholders and creative planning to take the transport sector of Tripura state to new heights.

The Transport minister urged everyone present at the meeting to come up with innovative ideas to strengthen all departments related to the state Transport department for future growth and development.

He emphasized the need to work with more enthusiasm to overcome obstacles hindering the efficiency of the transport industry in Tripura.

The Transport minister urged the private sector to participate in the development of the transport sector in the state.

He emphasized the need for a holistic approach to strengthen the existing infrastructure and suggested that practical infrastructure should be strengthened to achieve this.

Chowdhury also expressed that everyone’s participation and diverse opinions and suggestions could help to do a lot of good in the field of transportation.

He hoped that the state of Tripura would achieve new heights in the field of transport and sought the cooperation of all concerned.
Various important issues related to the transport department, such as the speedy start of Agartala-Chittagong international air traffic, round-the-clock air traffic at Agartala airport, and the resumption of bus services, were discussed in the meeting.


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