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Agartala Municipal Corporation is trying every kind of possible efforts to drain out Rain water

Heavy rainfall is going on since morning 11 am at Agartala on Friday, June 17.

Various areas of Agartala became flooded due to continuous heavy rainfall, especially the central zone.

Areas like Orient Chowmuhani, I.G.M. Chowmuhani, R.M.S Chowmuhani, Ganraj Chowmuhani, Paradise Chowmuhani and Sakuntala Road are flooded by rain water.

Agartala Municipal Corporation is trying every kind of possible efforts to draining out water.

All pumps of Agartala city including 16 pump stations and mobile pump machines were started to extract water .

All main drains and sub-drains used for water extraction and drainage are being cleaned for better drainage.

According to information of the Indian Meteorological Department, around 145 millimetre rainfall has been recorded from 11 am to 5:30 pm, which is one of the highest recorded rainfall in past 62 years.

Heavy rainfall could also be observed on June 18 2022.

State government and Agartala Municipal Corporation have issued several boats for helping and rescuing people of Agartala.

These boats are also used for sending food items to people, who could not came out of flooded areas.

The control room of West Tripura’s National Disaster Management is open for providing emergency services to citizens.

People can call on 1077 toll-free number to access emergency services like rescuing people, and sending patients to hospitals in emergencies.

Besides, the toll-free number can also be used for removing stuck cars and broken trees.

Messages can also be sent to WhatsApp number 9863201665 to access these services.
The government will take necessary action based on the problem.

The electric department’s number 1912 can be contacted for resolving electricity issues. Messages can also be sent to Electricity Corporation’s WhatsApp number 9863596081.

Every citizen of Agartala has been warned by Agartala Municipal Corporation that heavy rainfall could occur during the next two days.
Citizens are requested to stay at home and cooperate with the disaster management workforce.


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