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Banks plays an important role in public welfare: Deputy CM

Tripura’s Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister have had called upon banks to come forward for further development of Northeastern states and Tripura.

After inaugurating a seminar on Financial Literacy and awareness at Pragna Bhawan. Deputy Chief Minister Jishna Dev Varma said, after Shri Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the whole perspective about Northeast has changed. Earlier, people used to perceive Northeaster states to be prone to terrorist attacks.

Now, people talk about how many bridges, how many factories and how many houses are being built in the Northeast Calling upon the banks to extend their helping hand in tourism development, he said, there is a huge scope for tourism development in the Northeast. especially in Tripura Calling upon the banks to come forward and take positive role in case of house construction under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, he said, there use to be a time when only high class and middle class used to go to banks. Now people from all walks of life are taking services from the bank.

Banks also play an important role in providing social security to the people. Banks are the backbone of development People from all walks of life need to well aware of this.

Deputy CM said, it is immensely important for people to know about Financial Literacy. In fact, every Panchayat must generate awareness in this regard.

He said, Prime Minister’s flagship programmes play a significant role in ensuring social security.

Emphasizing to focus on retired life besides working life. Deputy CM said, the central government has various schemes in this regard.

Public are well aware of that. Banks plays an important role in public welfare Deputy CM appreciated Jan Dhan Yojana on bringing even the poor under the bank.


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