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Biplab Kumar Deb’s popularity increased even after his resignation from CM Post

Biplab Kumar Deb has resigned from his designation of Tripura Chief Minister on 14 May 2022.

More than a month has passed since Biplab Kumar Deb resigned from his CM post. However, his popularity has not waned in this state.

The popularity of Biplab Deb could be noticed when he was the Chief Minister. Even after resigning from the post of Chief Minister, the popularity of Biplab Deb is still being noticed.

At the moment, former CM Biplab Kumar Deb is very busy campaigning in support of BJP candidates for the upcoming by-elections in four assembly constituencies in the state.

Former CM Biplab Deb campaigned in support of BJP candidates in the upcoming by-elections in Jubarajnagar, Surma and Agartala constituencies on Thursday.

A large crowd of BJP workers as well as ordinary people could be observed in all these centers, who were listening to Biplab Kumar Deb’s speech.

An exceptional picture emerged in the Surma assembly constituency when a BJP election rally was held in support of BJP candidate Swapna Das Pal in the forthcoming by-election at Mahabir Tea Garden on Thursday.

Former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb was present at the meeting. A large number of BJP workers as well as ordinary people attended the rally. They listened to Biplab Kumar Deb’s speech even in the rain.

After viewing this incident, political experts believe that the popularity of Biplab Kumar Deb has not diminished at all even after his resignation as the Chief Minister.


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