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BJP Will Retain Power in Tripura: Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma

Jishnu Debbarma, Deputy Chief Minister of Tripura has dismissed the challenge from opposition parties and claimed that the ruling BJP will retain power in the state.

While speaking to a reporter, he said the unholy alliance between the CPIM and Congress in Tripura will not work.
Deputy CM said, “Both the parties have betrayed their cadres by forming the unholy alliance. They are the two sides of the same coin”.

He said that the BJP government has worked for the development of the state in the last five years, after CPI(M) misrule for 25 years.

Deputy CM said that BJP will retain Tripura for second consecutive time.

The CPI(M) regime supported violence through which it regained power in the state and ruled for 25 years”.

He said that Trinamool is not a factor for BJP in this election, as the party lacks in ideology.


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