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BSF seizes 86 Myanmar breed cattle in Tripura, 18 held

The Border Security Force (BSF) in Tripura confiscated heads of 86 Myanmar breed cattle and apprehended 18 individuals connected to their unlawful transportation.

Prompted by intelligence information, the BSF swiftly responded to the movement of Myanmar cattle from Shiblong near the Tripura-Mizoram border via Assam.

The police spokesperson highlighted that a group of BSF troops closely monitored the intersection of Shivbari near Machalibazar Police Station in Dhalai, where they intercepted 20 vehicles carrying cattle.
The official added that the convoy of 20 vehicles was led by a Mahindra Scorpio.
During the operation, 18 Indian individuals involved in the smuggling operation were detained.

The spokesperson further said, “The BSF squad discovered 86 animals being transported in these vehicles. The BSF has reason to believe that all the cattle, illicitly brought in from Myanmar, were destined for smuggling into Bangladesh via Tripura.”

Tripura shares a border of 856 km with Bangladesh. The spokesperson added, “Diligent BSF troops are actively protecting the borders and consistently intervening to rescue livestock and curb criminal activities across the the border regions. The seizure will have a substantial effect on curtailing the illicit trade of cattle trafficking.”


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