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Case filed against Sudip Roy Barman in the Press Council

Case filed against Sudip Roy Barman in the Press Council

Journalist Pranab Sarkar filed a case against Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman. He was the former Secretary of Agartala Press Club.

MLA Sudip Roy Barman has written to the state Election Commission seeking to stop the recently concluded press club elections.

After Sudip Barman’s letter, as usual West Tripura District Magistrate stopped the press club elections. Which is unprecedented in the history of the country.

In his letter Former Secretary of Agartala Press Club said, “I introduce myself as a Tripura government accredited veteran journalist and Editor of the headlines Tripura, largest broadcast media in Tripura. I have served in several media forums, also holding the position of Secretary of the prestigious Agartala Press Club on four occasions including that of the immediate past.
Agartala Press Club, located at a posh city locality, happens to be the biggest in northeast India in terms of size, capacity, facility and strength of members (nearly 300 regular and over 50 associates). The club is governed by its bylaws and enjoys the impunity of running its own helm of affairs”.

He added, “The Agartala Press Club has an 11 member Managing Committee which is elected through a secret franchise by regular members under supervision of an independent election office headed by a Returning Officer.
In compliance with the unanimous decision of the Managing Committee, the election for new Managing Committee for 2023-24 was set on February 26 2023 and hectic preparations were in place to hold the election in the most democratic manner as incorporated in the rule book i.e. constitution of the club.
However to our utter surprise one individual namely Sri Sudip Roy Barman submitted a letter to Tripura’s Chief Electoral Officer suggesting that the election exercise which was demanded by the constitution of the Press Club and being performed by duty bound then Managing Committee led by President Sri Subal Kumar Dey, be declared void as the ECI’s election notification concerning general assembly elections in Tripura was still in force.
The office of the CEO and district returning officer cum District Magistrate of the West Tripura District swung into action and sent a couple of notices to the Press Club with suggestions which we felt infringement and curtailment of freedom of the press and relevant forums”.

He also added, “The Press Club is essentially a social and welfare centric centre which has no obligation to mingle with subjects of the state.
Moreover the assembly elections in Tripura were conducted on February 16 2023 and the election to the Managing Committee was slated for February 26 2023. Furthermore, the date of counting was due on March 02 2023 and there was no immediate consequence for that too.
The district RO (DM) in his communication advised the Agartala Press Club to conduct the election of the Managing Committee under watch of the police and asked to contact the police brass to seek security deployment.
The office of the CEO and the RO at no point of time clarified who this complainant was referred to as Sri Sudip Roy Barman and under what capacity he lodged a complaint in matters of the Press Club”.

Mr Sarkar requested the PCI to initiate proceedings against the individual named as Sudip Roy Barman by duly identifying him through noticing the concerned government officials of Tripura and take strictest action against him.


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