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Chief Minister fulfills Prime Minister’s dream

Old persons have gained lots of experience over the time. Instead of neglecting them, we must make use of the wisdom and experience of the old persons for the welfare of the society.

Only then, the system will be able to be strong and beautiful, said Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb after inaugurating the new building of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Old Age Home in Narsingarh.

He said, the present central government is working on priority basis to ensure the rights of every citizens of the society.

Bunch of plans are being implemented so that the elderly persons do not go neglected. To speed up this process, Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb inaugurated the new building of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Old Age Home with Green Technology under Demonstrative Housing Project through Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council of Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India.

Construction of the new Old Age Home was completed under the direction of the Chief Minister which fulfilled the dream of the Prime Minister.

There used to be a time when Old Age Home used to be perceived differently. But this Old Age Home has been built with advanced technology and has modern facilities.

Residents of the Old Age Home held the Chief Minister expressing their gratitude and happiness after having shifted to the new building.

They shared their feelings to the Chief Minister, to which he listened patiently. Seeing the happiness in their eyes, he expressed his gratitude towards the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister later had lunch with the residents of the Old Age Home.

The Chief Minister said, the present central government is working diligently to deliver different government facilities till the last person and senior citizens of the society under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was possible to construct one thousand flats for the poor in the state under Light House Project with the sincere initiative of the Prime Minister.


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