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Contractor kidnapped in Agartala

Yet again an atmosphere of panic is created in the Chinaihani area of Agartala, the capital of Tripura.

A local CPWD contractor named Santosh Das was picked up in a car and kidnapped on Sunday morning. In this incident, the wife of Santosh Das, who is still missing, directly complained in front of the media that the old mafia of the area along with his companions are involved in this incident.

Notably, Santosh Das, the resident of the Baishyapara area has been missing since Sunday morning.

Three persons came in a white van on the street of Baishyapara and took Santosh Das on the pretext of showing the place. Since then he did not return.

Family members said that some people associated with the contractor works threatened to kill him.

They also added that they do not know if Santosh Das is a victim of a conspiracy or if he is alive at all. In view of this incident, intense panic spread across the locality.

Such important questions are now beginning to arise. In view of this incident, the family of Santosh Das contacted the airport police station on Monday.

However, even after the passage of more than 24 hours, the police are still unsuccessful.
Due to this, other contractors in the local area and people employed in various professions are spending time in a panic.


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