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CPM, Congress may join hands in upcoming Tripura Assembly polls !

Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman admitted that Congress cannot defeat BJP by their own in the 2023 assembly elections.

While addressing the party meeting in Rabindra Chowmuhani at Sonamura on Wednesday, Barman’s statements indicated this.

In the meeting, he appealed for the support of communists in the upcoming assembly elections to be held on 2023.

He said that both CPIM and Congress share several common ideologies, which include democratic, society-centric, secularism.

Therefore, it is useless to waste vote shares by dividing these between both parties.

He further said that Congress only can provide alternative government in the upcoming assembly elections considering the emotions of people.

He urged public and communist supporters to strengthen Congress.

He also said that it might be impossible to defeat the BJP only with the power and popularity of Congress.

He added that Congress is ready to make alliance with any party to defeat BJP from power.

Congress President Birjit Sinha, State in-charge Dr. Ajay Kumar, former MLA Ashish Kumar Saha and many others were present on the occasion.

His statements indicate the possibility of alliance between Congress and CPIM.

Although it is uncertain whether an alliance will be formed or not, the statement of Sudip Roy Barman is quite significant in state politics.


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