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Finance Minister attends in review meeting of Udaipur MC

“In case of high rainfall in Udaipur sub-division, the water drainage system should be improved by investigating where the water accumulates.

For this reason, the municipal council authorities have to be proactive.”
Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Roy said this in a review meeting on the development program of Udaipur Municipal Council area held at the conference hall of Gomati Zilla Parishad last Friday.

He further said, “In case of heavy rainfall, care should be taken to ensure that the water does not accumulate in one place. Drains in the area from the Housing Board to Managang should be cleaned in such a way that the water can be easily diverted from there.”

The Finance Minister laid emphasis on fulfilling these duties. Finance Minister Singha Roy directed the Forest Department officials to plant trees on both sides of the road from Tepania Park to Matabari.

He directed the officials of the concerned department to complete all the works undertaken for the development of the Pura Parishad area within the specified time frame.


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