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Govt mulls regulations on fees and donations in Private Schools to ensure accessibility and affordability: CM

Agartala, July 12: Tripura Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha announced on Wednesday that the state government is contemplating making significant decisions regarding fees and donations in private schools across the state.
To address this matter, the government is considering the formation of a committee to oversee the issue and explore the possibility of introducing regulations for private schools. The Chief Minister, Prof. Dr. Manik Saha, shared this crucial information during the third day of the budget session in the state assembly on Wednesday.

The announcement came in response to a question raised by MLA Birajit Sinha and MLA Ranjit Debbarma. In their query, they highlighted concerns about the affordability of fees for parents in private schools and the issue of donations.

The Chief Minister who is also Education Minister of the state, affirmed that the government intends to establish a committee to address these concerns.

“The objective is to ensure that the fees charged by private schools are reasonable and within the reach of parents. Additionally, the government is actively monitoring the issue of donations in schools. However, it is acknowledged that public and private schools cannot be equated in this matter. The state government is currently exploring the possibility of introducing regulations specifically tailored for private schools”, said CM.

The Tripura government is committed to taking proactive steps to address the concerns related to fees and donations in private schools. The formation of a committee and the consideration of regulations signify the government’s dedication to making education more accessible and affordable for the parents in the state.


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