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Sky high prices: Green chilli now selling at Rs 500 per kg in Tripura !

Green chilli and ginger prices have surged in different parts of India due to a drop in supply.

In Tripura, green chillies hit Rs 500 per kg, while in Kolkata, the prices have reached Rs 350 per kg. The state of Tripura, located in northeastern India, has recently witnessed an unprecedented surge in the price of green chillies, reaching an alarming rate of Rs 500 per kilogram. This sudden price hike has caused concerns among consumers raising serious questions about the government’s ability to manage essential commodities.

The low supply of green chillies has increased demand and prices.

The demand will continue to be high even if the price goes up as people will continue to buy it.

In the state, green Chilli are being sold at the rate of Rs 500 per kg. This is the first time in the state that the price of green chillies has increased so much.

Traders say that the production is very low this time. Apart from this, the demand for Green Chillies has also increased during various festival seasons.

The prices of other green vegetables are also high due to floods and rainfall. Common people are facing lots of problems due to the hike in vegetable prices.


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