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South Tripura to launch products manufactured by women SHGsin the retail market for the first time

South Tripura to launch products manufactured by women SHGs in the retail market for the first time.

For the first time ever, Jolaiban KD Black will probably become the only block in South Tripura district to launch products manufactured by women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the retail market.

A function will be organizedon February 26, 2022 on the premises of Jolaiban Community Hall to launch a brand of SHG products namely “AHAN” by three SHOs-Moon Star Mahilla Dal of Debdaru Gram Panchayat, PallilladhuMahilla Dal of West Jolaibari Gram Panchayt and Shiv Mandir Mahilia Dal of South Jolaibari.

Three factory unit of Coriander, Turmene. Chilli, whole spices and Cumin powder will be inaugurated at three different locations under Jolaihari RD Block.

TIDC ChairmanTinku Royhas consented to inaugurate the products made by women SHGsthrough Fair Price Shops in the state, informed Livelihood Co-ordinator, Jolatban RD BlockMithun Chakraborty. He said, earlier there was no mindset to produced products among the SHOs members now the government is providing platform to every SHGs in villages for displaying and marketing of local produce.

Moreover, various semi processed and processed food products, vegetables, flowers local snacks, sweets, pickles, handicrafts (made of wood, cloth and paper) and traditional apparel etc will be available at the Local Marketing Space for sale to the customers in near future. The initiative is being supported by District Mission Management Unit, TRIM, South Tripura and assisted by Jalahari RD Block to provide a platform to display and marketing of the local products.


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