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Tripura assembly elections 2023: BJP confident of winning all 60 seats

Bharatiya Janata Party, the current ruling party of Tripura is determined to return to power in the 2023 Tripura Assembly elections.

BJP became very busy in preparing the roadmap for the 2023 election amid the state tour of the party’s central leadership.

The 2023 Tripura Assembly elections are considered to be quite a challenge for the BJP.
Political analysts believe that some of the incidents that happened recently, ahead of 2023 election are causing headaches for the BJP.

The victory of the TIPRA Motha party in the ADC elections last year under the leadership of Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman is a major issue for BJP.

The emergence of TIPRA Motha as a new force in the hills is a critical challenge for BJP, especially in the context of organisational strength in hills.

The BJP discussed all organisational and political challenges for the 2023 assembly elections during a two-day-long Chintan Baithak held in attendance of top national leaders.

BJP general secretary B L Santosh, who visited the state Friday, joined a series of meetings with office bearers, the media, social media teams, ministers, MLAs and individual leaders.


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