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Tripura: Critical surgery in GBP hospital saves life, CM hails

Once again a complex surgery was successfully performed by doctors of GB Pant Hospital, which involved extraction of a rod penetrated from the mouth of a 36 year old professional driver.

According to doctors, a person named Krishnadhan Poddar was severely injured after an accident when a rod penetrated into the mouth and got stuck in his face and throat.
On Tuesday night, a sharp iron rod was penetrated through the throat and mouth of 36-year-old Krishnadhan Poddar, a resident of the East Dukli area of West Tripura district.
Local residents and family members immediately took him to Agartala Govt Medical College and GBP Hospital.

The hospital started thinking that the patient needs to be taken outside the state in an established hospital so that he can be saved.
However, a team of experienced doctors of GBP Hospital’s ENT department safely removed the iron rod from the throat through a successful surgery on Wednesday morning.

Dr. Satyakam Chakraborty, Dr. Sayantan Rudra Pal, Dr. Tanmoy Deb and Dr. Tarun Guha were in the operating team.

Besides, Critical Care Department’s Dr. Bidhan Das, Dr. Bhaskar Majumder and Dr. Biswajit Sutradhar were also present during the complex surgery. The successful surgery took a long time and now Krishnadhan is out of danger.

Tripura’s Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha congratulated the entire team of doctors for this incredible success. On social media, he wrote that the doctors of GBP Hospital of Agartala set yet another example in complex surgery.

He mentioned, “Krishnadhan Poddar, a driver, was seriously injured in an accident, as a rod penetrated into the mouth and got stuck in his throat and face. However, the rod was able to remove through a successful surgery by a special medical team. I am happy to know that the person is out of danger for now. My heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all the doctors and health workers involved in this successful surgery”.


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