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Vijay Diwas Celebrated at Capital’s Albert Ekka Park

The glorious battle of 1971 has still a big relevance in today’s date. The Bangladesh Liberation war was a result of the joint military operation between Indian Army and rebel force “Mukti Bahini”. The intensity of war was so immense that Power Blocs like USA and USSR even came to a point of confrontation.

However, Bangladesh still give the credit to Indian Government and Army for liberating the then East Pakistan from the claws of barbaric West Pakistan and making the dream of “Bangladesh” come true.

Celebrating this benchmark day of Asian History of Important Wars, Government of Tripura has organised a big event at Agartala Albert Ekka Park. Pranajit Singha Roy, the Agriculture and Tourism Minister paid his tribute to the war memorial and remembered all those bravehearts of both nations who brought this glory at the price of their pious lives.

Other notable dignitaries who also paid their tribute along with Mr. Roy were DM West, ADSP West, SKB chairman retd. Brig Tiwary.

Honouring the legacy of 1971 war, Minister Pranajit Roy said in his speech, “We must not forget the glorious past of 1971. Hats off, to all our soldiers and Mukti Bahini fighters who sacrificed themselves for the better future of the Bengal. Today, Bangladesh is free because of their martyrdom and nothing else”.


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