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11 Police Out Posts now fully functional as Police Stations

According to a senior official, the Tripura government has made the decision to elevate 11 police outposts to fully operational police stations in order to effectively maintain law and order.

11 police out posts in the state have been converted into police stations. These 11 police stations are Bagma, Chelagang, Manpathar, Baijalbari, Taibandal, Khairpur, Bagbasa, Champaknagar, Collegetila, GB and Ramnagar. A notification from the Home Department of the Government of Tripura has informed that these 11 police out posts will function as police stations from now on.

On Saturday, Assistant Inspector General (IG) Jyotishman Das Chowdhury stated that the outposts being upgraded to full-fledged police stations are Bagma, Baijalbari, Bagbasa, Champaknagar, Khairpur, GB, College Tilla, Chelagung, Manpathar, Taibandal, and Ramnagar.

He added that the Home Department has issued a notification confirming the transformation of these 11 outposts into police stations, which is expected to improve the overall policing system in the state.
As a result of this choice, the total count of police stations in the state has risen to 99.


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